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On Track Rules
Article C.
           1. Missing grid - must wait until admin clears you to leave the pit area.
           2. Initial Starts - Will be off the iRacing Green Flag.
           3. Cautions - When cautions come out, Drivers are to stay single file on the top side of the race track until the sim commands the line up. 
           3.1A Caution Laps won't count towards race laps.
           3.1A2 Back to back cautions without a completed lap will go single file.
           3A. All lapped cars will line up at the tail of the field. 
           3B. Own up to your own caution. An EOL will be assessed at that point. (If live admin is available, EOL's will be determined by admin.) You can still own up to it if you know you                     were at fault.
           3C. If you were the cause of 3 cautions please be courteous and park your car for the night. Failure to do so will result in loss of points for the entire event.
           3D. After 3 Cautions, restarts will be single file. 
           3E. Cone rule until the flag stand.
           3F. Their will be 2 attempts at a G/W/C Finish.
           3G. Wave Arounds will only be awarded to drivers going laps down due to pitting at tracks where the scoring loop keeps you from completing a lap during pitting. 
           4. Restarts are on the leader once the pace car is completely clear of the racing surface.
           4A. Restarts - Runner up has lane choice inside or out. Everyone else do the opposite of what iRacing sim tells you to do.
           4B. Jumped Starts/Restarts - Automatically Docked 2 Spots from final results finishing position. If caught during the race the driver can actively serve a 2 spot reduction penalty                     on the next restart, or take an EOL on the next race lineup the driver participates in. 
           5. Pitting - Fast Repairs - Will Have 2 Available
           5A. When pitting during features drivers are not allowed to return to the racing surface under a green flag condition.
           6. Dirt driving will not be tolerated!!

Article D. 
           1. Meatballs can be cleared if you can control your car. If you are deemed out of control after that, you will be removed.
           2. Inside passing before the flagstand can be cleared, however it will be reviewed for clarity after the race. Post race penalties may be assessed if needed.

Article E. 
            1. HAR Motorsports reserves the right to remove anyone whose connection begins to pose as a risk to quality racing in the series.  (Not something we want to do, but we will if                   we feel it is necessary.)

Article F.  Protest
          1. We have a protest form on the website. Use it within 24 hours of race completion.
          2. Admin decisions are final once a protest has been reviewed.
Article G. 
           1. Any cheating or exploiting of any racing/software is subject to dismissal and exclusion from any events hosted by HAR Motorsports.
           2. HAR Motorsports actively monitors driver behavior 24/7 to determine fit drivers for their events. 

By joining any HAR Motorsports Servers in the simulation you are agreeing to abide by  HAR Motorsports Rules & Procedures. Anyone found to be violating the posted rules are subject to removal.

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